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alchemist asks:Could you tell me what brand of mandoline you have? There are so many out there and they range in price from dirt cheap to pretty prices. I'd love a recommendation...Thanks!
Alchemist,I have a OXO Mandoline. We've owned it for 4 or 5 years and I only started using it last year. for the longest time, the sharp blades frighten me. But once I discovered how to work it, I fell in love. It's very user-friendly and I enjoy playing with the various cuts.
I don't remember where we purchased it but Macy's and Cooking.com carry the exact same one I have. They both are around $70.
Here are some recipes that I used with my mandoline: Lasagna with Chunky MarinaraDaikon Dumpling in Miso Broth
Thank you for getting the ball rolling with the question. Keep them coming.