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Man on the Raw and I first went raw on February 16, 2004, it was a Valentine Day’s gift to ourselves. We went to Barnes and Noble in Aurora, Colorado and were determined to find an eating program we could do together. The first two raw books we bought were David Wolfe’s “Nature’s First Law: The Raw Food Diet” and “The Complete Book of Raw Food.” I have been blessed to begin my raw food adventure with my husband.

No matter how far one or both of us may stray off the raw path, we both know the importance of getting back on track and finding some sort of balance in our lives. I realize that we may be the exception and not the rule.
Many people who embrace raw foods do so alone, and in the beginning, it can be a very isolating experience. Friends and family don’t understand the weird new “diet” you are on and can’t seem to understand why a slab of cow is bad for your health. It can be hard going it alone.

Thank heavens for Raw Food online communities.

I have been exploring raw foods for six years and even now I embrace community. I am a member at Give it to Me Raw, Global Juice Feast, Juicefeasting.com, Daily Raw Inspiration and most recently Raw Food Rehab. I observe for the most part, reading the forums, sharing my photos and commenting whenever a topic moves me and I can add something constructive to the conversation.
Raw communities are a wonderful place to share your raw triumphs, tribulations and everything in between. I encourage you, if you haven’t already, join community.

I am a huge fan of author and owner of RAWvolution and Euphoria Loves Rawvolution, Matt Amsden. On Tuesday he will share his “10 Thoughts” and Wednesday his recipes, from the Complete Book of Raw Food Endeavor, make an appearance.

On Friday, I review the ebook “Me Raw: You Cooked,” the story of Emma MacDougall’s raw journey and how it affected her relationship with her (then) fiancĂ©e, Rod. The first of its kind, the book focuses raw foodies and their non-raw partners, providing insightful guidance, tips and recipes along the way. Also, one lucky reader will have a chance to win the book.

To get the week started here is a brief list of online communities where you can communicate with others interested in the raw food lifestyle.

Raw Food Rehab
Global Juice Feast
Living and Raw Foods
Daily Raw Inspiration
Give It To Me Raw
Gone Raw
Raw Food Talk
Raw Food Lifestyle

Can you think of more opportunities (support groups, rawlucks, etc.) or online sites where raw foodies can converse?

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