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RAW RECIPE (photos)

Here you go ladies and gentlemen the ingredients for March's Raw Recipe Challenge.

Here's how it work:
Each month, I'll host a challenge based on certain ingredients. You can create breakfast, lunch, dinner, drink, appetizer, main dish, etc. It can be as simple or complex as you choose. You can use one ingredient or all of them. It's all up to you. What ever you choose as long as you showcase at least one of the ingredients in the photo.

Here are some of the rules:

1. It could go without saying but it has to be a raw food dish. You can use certain non-raw items, i.e. maple syrup.

2. No raw meat please.

3. Send a photo of the dish, the name of the dish, your name and a link where the recipe can be found (or include the recipe, whatever you choose) to yahoo.com. Next week, I'll share my recipe.

4. There's no winners, we're just having fun and sharing our creative juices. It's all good.

RAW RECIPE (photos)

List of ingredients
1. Pineapple
2. Pumpkin seeds
3. Garbanzo Beans
4. Sun-dried tomato
5. Kale

Do what you will with those ingredients and most importantly, have fun!

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