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10 Thoughts from Heather Pace

1.One thing the world doesn’t know about me is that I'm a certified kripalu yoga instructor. I love to teach!
2. I am most proud of being a Canadian.
3. My biggest achievement is graduating culinary school.
4. My most memorable meal was my first time dining at Pure Food and Wine in NYC.
5. My idea of the perfect day is a day on the beach with my sweetheart, soaking up the sun and eating tropical fruit.
6. My motto is eat dessert first!
7. The most beautiful place on earth is Byron Bay, Australia
8. If I could be any animal, I would be a giraffe! They get to bask in the heat and sun all day.
9. In five years, I see myself living in a warm climate, married, with a child on the way. I also plan on having a few more dessert books out by then.
10. If I could share a raw dinner with any three people, they would be Jesus, Oprah and my grandfather who I never got to meet.

Chef Heather Pace became vegetarian at 14 years of age, started cooking for herself and quickly discovered a new love which led her to the completion of a classical chef training program. She went on to work in various restaurants, and then as a personal chef for a number of years. With a serious passion for raw vegan sweet treats, Heather has authored "Just Desserts," "The Ultimate Raw Ice Cream Cake" and "Moonie Pie Recipes" ebooks. Currently Heather teaches raw food classes, and is working on a new dessert book with Philip McCluskey. As a certified Kripalu yoga instructor, she loves teaching and exploring different styles of yoga. You can find her books, lots of great recipes, and raw dessert challenges at sweetlyraw.com, or contact her at heather(at)sweetlyraw.com.

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