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10 Thoughts from Wendi Dee

1. One thing the world doesn't know about me is I have a bit of a dark side (think vampires and dark clubs with intense music for dancing). Don't worry...I won't bite unless you ask.

2. I'm most proud of my child, who's the most incredible individual I've ever known.

3. My biggest achievement has been researching, experimenting, and learning how to heal myself of
chronic lyme disease. With all that I've learned, and continue to learn, I'll be able to help even
more people!

4. The most memorable meal I've ever had was lovingly prepared and served to me by Debbie Young, of
Debbie Does Raw. She put a lot of effort into creating unbelievably delicious and beautiful raw
Indian samosas with mouth-watering chutneys and chai. YUM!

5. My idea of a perfect day is one filled with love, laughter, and lots of fun with family and

6. I actually have two favorite mottos: "We are all connected and one" and "All you need is LOVE."

7. The most beautiful place on Earth is wherever I'm having a fun time with Jim.

8. Five years from now I see myself looking back and remarking: "Wow, I couldn't have even imagined
that life could be this great! It all started with a simple sentence my friend Danny Living taught me to recite when visualizing the future: 'If not this, then something better!'"

9. If I were to be remembered for one thing, I would like it to be that I took the time to truly connect with other individuals. If there was a way, I'd love to meet every person living, look into their eyes, connect with them on a deep level, and let them know how much they are loved.

10. My favorite invention of all time is the hula-hoop--not because I'm great at hula-hooping, but
because I've seen Jim turn into a carefree child when playing with one!

Wendi Dee, of Pure Jeevan, lost nearly 100 pounds on a raw food diet. She and her daughter completed their Cross-Country raw tour.

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10 Thoughts from Wendi Dee + RAW