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Day 23 of 92

The weight loss and high energy are great on the feast but I want to make it clear that it's not all a bed of roses.

Here are a few of the detoxing symptoms I'm experiencing.

runny nose
stuffy nose
itching eyes

I know MOM, it seems like hay fever to me, too.

a canker sore (puts a damper on those kisses from the hubbie)
bad breath (another damper)
hairy tongue (sexy huh?)
acne (I didn't even have it when I was a teenager, what gives?)

Loss of appetite — okay this really isn't a bad thing, I just wanted to end on a high note.

Ain't feasting grand?

All in all everything is going well, I'm trying to up my water intact to help the detoxing along. Also I'm exercising a bit more to help maintain my energy level since I'm not really getting the calories I should.

I just listen to my body and at times I don't want the higher calorie juices. I much rather would have a 2oz shot of wheatgrass than 1 quart of green juice. If my energy begins to suffer than I will adjust my intake, but for now I'm cool and the gang.


pineapple/spinach (2 quart) Here's a tip, don't drink pineapple juice with a canker sore.
coconut water 1 T chlorophyll (1 quart)

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Day 23 of 92 + RAW