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Black and Blue Berry Compote
RAW RECIPE (photos)
RAW RECIPE (photos)

The lovely young lady to the left is the chef for this recipe. Dad brought home berries. We've got strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. While I was thinking about what to do with the strawberries (another strawberry cheesecake is out of the question), Raw Chef D. came up with this little number. She doesn't know the measurements (I would guess the honey and agave nectar are about 1 teaspoon a piece) but she does know the flavors. She even went to the garden for the mint garnish. Black and Blue Berry CompoteIngredientsBlueberriesBlackberries1 bananahoney agave nectarmintGently toss the berries, banana, honey and agave nectar. Garnish with mint.

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Black and Blue Berry Compote + snack