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Fajita Vegetables (p. 211) with Chili Pistachios (111) by Chad Sarno

The crunchiness of the pistachios served the bell peppers and zucchini well. Nice flavors going on with these recipes. You will enjoy.

Hey, do you watch American Idol? Well, if you don't watch, you have to watch tonight's episode in Denver. I was there.

When you watch the contestants perform in front of the judges, imagine me behind the large American Idol banner 'politely' telling the next contestant to hush up and wait their turn.
That was one of the many jobs (moving office furniture, supplies and camera equipment a million times, picking up executives from Denver International Airport, running for coffee, etc.)

RAW FOOD (photos)

I had when American Idol came to Denver last summer and I was lucky enough to work long, tedious hours for nearly no pay. They feed you really well though.

No, but straight up I did have a ball and I would have gladly worked for free.

And yes, I did have (limited) contact with the judges and yes, I know some juicy, fun facts about them. Like who drinks wheat grass shots chilled on ice, who is really, really short in person, who uses Colgate Wisps, who is super polite and who is rude (it's not who you might think). But I signed that pesky confidentiality agreement which states I have to keep my mouth shut. Bummer.

RAW FOOD (photos)

Denver has a lot of talented and unique characters (think two-piece) so watch American Idol, nosh on chili pistachios, fun times will be had.
Oh, by the way, the chili pistachio recipe never mentions this but, you might want to remove the shells before you season them with the spices and dehydrate.

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