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Guest Blogger: Book Review

Three weeks ago my wife asked me to review a book on vegan bodybuilding. I don’t know if she felt bogged down with reviews or if she was just trying to get me back in to the gym.

Robert Cheeke’s book, “Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” is an intriguing read and motivational, as it did get me pumpin’ iron once again. Never mind the oxymoron; ‘vegan bodybuilding’ is happening. And by happening, I don’t mean happening but happenin’. There’s a niche, there’s a market, and now there’s a valuable resource tool thanks to Robert Cheeke.

While the workout routines are basic (squats, bench-press, pull-ups, etc.), the nutrition section, which is the muscle of the book, has broken fresh organic soil. There is a meal program for all stages in the competitive bodybuilder’s life. Mass-building, fat-burning, pre-contest, and maintenance nutrition programs guide the more serious while the resource guides and ‘Robert’s Top Ten’ tips motivate the rest of us.

It’s comforting to know that there really is a bodybuilder out there who is actually healthy. He’s not pumped up on steroids or over-amped on creatine and protein shakes. He is conscientious, inspired, and he is vegan. Cheeke’s writing is down to earth and shows genuine dedication. His resources are excellent and well researched. His website, veganbodybuilding.com is spot-on, full of information and loaded with interaction.

Cheeke has done his research in the kitchen as well as the gym and his hands-on experience reads easy even for those of us less knowledgeable.

I’ve worked out eleven times since receiving the book and one day hope to include more of the nutrition, though I can’t imagine eating from six to eight meals a day.

Thanks for the book, Robert. I’m holding on to this one.

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Guest Blogger: Book Review + Vegan