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Is it just me or are there really talented singers on American Idol. Wow, this is the first time I have watched AI faithfully and I am amazed by the talent. Was it like this in past seasons? Tell me.

The only censure I would have is Randy starting his comments with “So, yo.” or “Dawg, yo.” or “Dude, yo” Yo, what’s up with that?

I predict that Crystal Bowersox will take it all. I think she is fabulous, she seems down-to-earth and very cool.

Recipes. If my calculations are correct, these three recipes will complete all the recipes by Matt Amsden from the Complete Book of Raw Food endeavor. Here and here are his others. I have stopped numbering the recipes but if you would like to see how many recipes I have completed, check it out here.
On the pierogi, I had a tough time with the jicama slicing even after bringing out my heavy-duty mandoline. I couldn’t get a full “paper-thin” round at times. So I took the thicker rounds (about ¼-inch) and cut them in half. No worries.

Other than that...

Man on the Raw adored the Cheese Pierogi, p. 118, he ate them up something fierce. The children adored the Carob Walnut Fudge. p. 292, and I nearly fell off my juice feast lusting after the Seaweed Chowder, p. 102. My taste buds are obsessed with seaweed.

Thanks to everyone who are sharing their raw commuities, keep them coming.

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Matt Amsden's Recipes + the Complete Book of Raw Food Endeavor