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The whole point of me not blogging on Saturday and Sunday was for me to take a few days off and chill. Want to do a poll on whether or not you think I chilled? Yeah, I don’t want to touch that poll either. I prepared recipes from the Complete Book of Raw Food, wrote new recipes, read a book or two for reviews, watched Food, Inc, went to an Oscar party, spent time in the garden, planned for future posts. Okay, so not all my weekend plans were the Daily Raw Café related.

In the quest to find some sort of uniformity with the Daily Raw Café and my life, being unemployed I have more time to play here with you guys. The Daily Raw pleasantly passes the time and causes me not to be so depressed that I’m unemployed. Moving forward, Mondays at the Daily Raw will be an overview of what’s to come for the week.
I apologize, I lost my train of thought. Really one should not blog if one is dog tired from Oscar parties.

Mondays yes, that was what we were discussing. Mondays and now, the strange, warm Colorado weather.

This Colorado weather may be pulling the wool over Man on the Raw’s eyes, but I am not fooled. I know there is at least one more big snow coming our way, I don’t care if we are experiencing warm, sunny days with nary a cloud in the sky.
It’s insane that Man on the Raw wants to plant seeds in our garden now before our traditional Mother’s Day seed shopping spree. I would have been upset if he hadn’t unearthed, from the far depths of our soil, a huge bowl full of Jerusalem Artichoke aka Sunchokes. He grabbed enough to convince me seeding early would be worth breaking tradition. On Friday I will share with you a bit of history behind Jerusalem Artichokes and a recipe or two. Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the "Becoming Raw" book, but it's not too late to enter, you have until tonight.

Tuesday, you will be in good company with the lovely Penni Shelton of Real Food Tulsa when she gives us her 10 Thoughts. Wednesday, I will share some munchie recipes from The Complete of Raw Food and a bit of my obsessive compulsive tendencies when I strive to create a crispy vegetable chip.
For today, I’m sharing photos of our garden. Of course, we are going to plant early. Kale, collards, spinach and I think beets, will do nicely for now. Hearty vegetables that will survive any upcoming snow storm.

Do me a favor, drop Man on the Raw a comment or two and ask him to tell you his composting secrets. All the juice pulp I produce and the shavings of leftover fruits and vegetables are saved for his compost pile. Man on the Raw creates the richest soil I have ever encountered, and it's all made by him using our compost, dirt and leaves, etc. If you want to know more about composting and making soil, probe him a bit, I bet you he’ll spill it.

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