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To Mona's house we go

About two weeks ago, I made lunch for my friend Mona and her daughter Monique, Avery and I took a picnic basket full of goodies to her home. I've known Mona for many, many, many moons. I babysat Monique and her younger sister, LaNisha. Mona took on the role of a big sister to me very well.

She was a neat lady back then and remains the same today. Monique has turned into a courageous, resilient, beautiful woman. We don't get together too often, but when we do, pleasant times are had. Both ladies enjoyed the meal, Mona especially liked the Carrot-Corn Salsa. They both were amazed that the food was not cooked and asked a lot of questions about the raw food lifestyle. It is always a good feeling when the food and the friends are equally enjoyed.

On the MenuRecipes by Abeba Wright from the Complete Book of Raw Foods endeavor
Kale Mixed Green Salad, p. 62

Abeba's Corn Chips, p. 176Barbecue Chips, p. 177

Carrot-Corn Salsa, p. 272Oh My Chili, p. 236

Yummy Cake, p. 318

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To Mona's house we go + the Complete Book of Raw Food Endeavor