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But you’re raw

“Doesn’t that clean you out?”

My sister’s right, my husband and I had been raw on and off for the past three years and I had been pretty consistently, mostly 100 percent raw for the past few months.

Recently, a slight bit of hypocrisy filled my heart and I secretly wondered to myself this…

For as long as I had been practicing being a raw foodist…for as many times as I sang the praises of eating raw to my friends and family…and the brief moments I felt a bit superior to those who were slowing killing themselves by eating cooked food while I was living to be 120 because of uncooked foods…it dawned on me, I am still overweight.

No wonder the people who watched me gloat on my pulpit couldn’t take me serious. I didn’t look like what a raw foodist should look. I was a fraud.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m all for eating raw; it’s the best thing for my body. I have energy, I’m happier; more patient with the kids (all ten of them, oops sorry four) and the list goes on. I love being raw, I love talking about raw foods, I love preparing raw meals, I love meeting other raw foodists. I love raw.

But my body was proof that I hadn’t followed the raw lifestyle on a consistent basis.

Granted, I had been pregnant for the past two years and my hormonal cravings for Chipotle burritos always seemed to win out in the race to stay raw but there was always room for improvement.

And that starts now, well tomorrow. Tomorrow I begin the my 92-day juice feast adventure.

I don’t anticipate it being easy, especially when my seven-year old comes to me with a mouth full of Cheetos and brags that she can fit five in at once. "Great for you honey, now try that with some carrots."

But knowing myself, if it were easy, I wouldn’t want any part of it.

If I may step back on my high horse for a moment and say that I have seen the radiate glow and it’s raw food and for me it will begin (again) with the feast.

“Well, I’m going to end up hating you.”

Stunned, I asked my sister why.

“Because, you’re going to be skinny.”

God I hope so.

Here are a few items I need to begin my feast:

• Angela’s e-book. . .check
• Fresh, organic produce. . .check
• Juicer (brought out from of storage). . .check
• Blender and nut bags. . .check
• Hemp, flax and coconut oil. . .check
• MSM, Cascara Sagrada, digestive enzymes, yada, yada, ya...check
• Sympathetic husband. . .check
• Hot springs date with sympathetic husband. . .sexy
• Tongue scraper. . .kind of kinky
• Artsana enema bag. . .don’t ask

My last (solid) supper

Collard green wraps

4-5 collard green, de-veined (you should have 8-10 wraps)
sun-dried tomato paste (recipe below)
2 cucumber, sliced
2-3 carrot, sliced
1 avocado, sliced
1-2 handfuls of sprouts

Sun-dried tomato paste
1 cup sun-dried tomato, soaked for hours
½ avocado
½ tomato
1 garlic clove
Water to make paste smooth
Sea salt, to taste

Process in food processor.

Spread the paste on the a collard and pile on the veggies, sprouts and avocado.

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