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Dear Daily Raw

Jerrine asks:

"Do you know of any source that gives advice for designing a kitchen for raw food prep?"

Terilynn of The Daily Raw Blog says:

I have always dreamed of a home kitchen that was fully, functionally raw. No stove, huge refrigeration, walls upon walls of dehydrators, an island full of cutting boards and pantry space to die for.

But alas, I'm still living in the land of cooked.

If I were building a pimped out raw food kitchen in my home (I'm assuming it's for your personal space and not a restaurant) I would consult a raw (un)cooking school, raw restaurant or professional raw chef to offer advice on what items you would have in the kitchen.

I wish you luck on your kitchen project, here is a very brief list of resources that could be of service.

Raw Food Planet
The Ann Wigmore Foundation
Living Light Institute

105 Degrees Academy
Tree of Life
Alissa Cohen
Jackie & Gideon Graff
Chad Sarno

Check back in the next few days and I'll have some items posted to help you stock your raw kitchen.

I'm opening up this question to the masses. Do you have any suggestions, ideas, tips for Jerrine? Please share in the comments page.

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