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Happy New Year everyone! I hope your 2008 is going as great as mine. I'm in heaven and I am so excited to finally share with you what I have been up to.

I started another juice feast on Dec. 1 and I'm blogging my experience at Inspiration:Life. Some of you might know that's how The Daily Raw Blog started. It was a blog documenting my first juice feast back in May that lasted 28 glorious days. From there The Daily Raw Blog took a life of its own with recipes and it was an outlet for my creativity to shine.
I'm so blessed to have it and to have all of you guys be part of it. So thank very much.

And as an added bonus I met some really special people along the way.
My husband has committed to going raw again in 2008 so if you can send him a silent prayer to get him going that would be appreciated. I have some really good recipes lined up for TDRC and my husband will be preparing many recipes for TDRC in the next few weeks so we have that to look forward to. Believe it or not he is the true talent in the kitchen. I'm lucky his talent just rubbed off on me. And the fact that I love raw food helps, too. ;)I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!Peace and Love,Terilynn
Garlicy Green juicemakes 1-1.5 quarts

RAW RECIPE (photos)

1 pound of your favorite greens1 cucumber, chopped3 carrots, chopped1 garlic clove1 tablespoon hemp oil1-2 cups water

RAW RECIPE (photos)

1 Place cucumber, greens, garlic clove and carrots in a blender* with the water. Blend until ingredients break down into a thick mixture.

RAW RECIPE (photos)

2 Strain the mixture in a nut bag or painter straining bag into a large bowl. Squeeze the bag to get all the juices out of the pulp.
3 Pour juice into a glass and add hemp oil.
Don't forget to compote you pulp or mix with flax seeds to make crackers.
*You can use a juicer instead of a blender. I use a blender because the clean-up is faster for the amount of juices I make. Also, please note if you use greens that are heavier in weight (kale, collards, etc.) a high-speed blender will work better at breaking down the greens.

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