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Recipe #2 of the Complete Book of Raw Food Endeavor
RAW FOOD (photos)

Avocado Burritos by David Wolfe, p. 208

Since my last Juice Feast ended in March 08, I felt as if I were on a downward spiral into the abyss. I have been riddled with guilt for giving myself the wonderful gift of Juice Feasting and (becoming healthy) only to have pissed it away.

For two years I was sad, lost and confused. I was reaching for some joy in the form of pizza, Sangria and cigarettes. I haven’t been able to rid myself of that sinking feeling you get when you are trapped in quicksand. That is, until now, until I created David Wolfe’s Avocado Burritos.

Ok, before you send me to the loony bin, let me explain. It wasn’t that the recipe itself is spectacular, sorry Mr. Wolfe, it’s isn’t. It’s just guacamole. This recipe re-ignited my passion for preparing raw foods and to sharing the things I discover with you. Who would have thought the uncomplicated ingredients of avocados, jalapenos and tomatoes wrapped in lettuce leaves would cause me to smile and find a spark of happiness in my heart.

RAW FOOD (photos)

The aroma of the produce as I mashed away, the enthusiasm I received styling the dish, the gratification of taking a picture and the waterworks that fell as I wrote these words. I finally feel like I belong somewhere, even if it’s confined to a blog. I am absolutely, completely, utterly fine with that.

All this was as much of a shock as orange juice in this recipe. Who would have thought to replace traditional lime with orange? I guess that‘s why he is who he is. Different, neither good nor bad, just different. Well, thank you all the same, David Wolfe.

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Recipe #2 of the Complete Book of Raw Food Endeavor + tomato