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Recipe #21 of the Complete Book of Raw Food Endeavor
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....and about a bazillion more to go. I've better bust a move on these recipes if I want to complete them before...well, I don't really know before when. I'm kind of moving along at a turtle's pace, yes?

Well, to make the challenge more interesting and to post a few more recipes, I have joined NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. See my cool widget for February to the left? I have pledge to post something every day on The Daily Raw Blog (weekends included) for the month of February. Mom, stop frowning. I know, I need to find a job instead of blogging everyday. But imagine the dedication that is shown on my part writing everyday. I'm an employer's dream. It shows I have commitment or should be committed, I'm not sure which one.

Speaking of jobs, I did put in a call with the 2010 Censor Bureau to work with them this spring here in Denver. That would seem like an interesting job, meeting people and such. Wish me luck.

RAW FOOD (photos)

So to kick off February's blog-a-thon, I give you Karyn Calabrese's Walnut Pate on page 258. Visually, I wasn't impressed with the pate, it looked rather depressing, a tan-ish hue depressing. In the future, I might add a few grated carrots or diced red pepper to it or possibly half of a red onion, to add some color.
The flavor? Well, Man on the Raw said it had 'lack-of-salt/seasoning issues.' Hey, it wasn't me who said it. I'm totally playing the blame-game on this dish. So he seasoned it up a bit with a couple of garlic cloves, more dill and of course, sea salt. His platting is spot on. He is great at creating little platters of food using simple ingredients. He makes things look appetizing and isn't that as important as taste and smell and texture? By adding a few basil leaves, spicy jalapenos slices, sweet tomatoes, salty olives and a drizzle of olive oil, he produced a dish with flare.

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Recipe #21 of the Complete Book of Raw Food Endeavor + Tomatoes