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Top Five Reasons Aunt Gigi Should Eat Healthier
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My mother asked me to write something to help my Aunt Gigi get on a path of healthier eating. And although I would be the first to say “Go Raw” I realize saying it is much easier than doing it.

If I can offer Aunt Gigi a smoothie or salad recipe here or there, she could take baby steps into more greener pastures.

But first I should remind her of the reasons why incorporating more fruits and green leafy vegetables into her meals (and less of the processed, dead crap) is beneficial to her health. Also, exercise is a must with our family history. You feeling me?

So here are the Top Five Reasons you, Aunt Gigi should eat healthier.

5. You gain a tremendous amount of energy to continue to stay out all night dancing.

4. You feel good. Just ask the man who was rubbing up against you on the dance floor.

3. You become positive and happy without doing major drugs.

2. Your mind becomes sharp and alert, so when you get pulled over, you can think of something clever to tell the police officer.

1. You live longer. I’ve got a few bucks on you outlasting mom, do me proud.

Love you both,

RAW FOOD (photos)

Recipe #39 of the Complete Book of Raw Food Endeavor is Rhio’s Marinated Collard Ribbons (p. 65).
Now this is a risky recipe for Aunt Gigi to try because I don’t think any woman in our family, excluding myself, has ever eaten collards raw.
I believe that there is a family law, punishable by death, which states collards (or mustards, or turnips) greens must be cooked a minimum of 8 hours or until the paint wears from the walls, whichever happens first.
Trust me Aunt Gigi, these marinated collards are delicious and you will enjoy.
 Spicy Marinated Collardsadapted from Rhio's recipe
1 bunch collard greens, stems removed, cut into thin strips (Chiffonade)2 tablespoons olive oilJuice of one lemon2 teaspoons sea salt1/4 teaspoon cayenne peppera pinch of red pepper flakes
In a large bowl, combine collard strips, olive oil, lemon, sea salt, cayenne and red pepper flakes.
Massage the collards with your hands. Cover the bowl and let set at room temperature for 1-2 hours.

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Top Five Reasons Aunt Gigi Should Eat Healthier + Vegetables