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photo by shutterblog Here are some holiday gift suggestions to give to that rawsome person in your life.
If you have more ideas please share, tis the season.

  • Subscription to Living Nutrition magazine
  • Kombucha SCOBY
  • A week's worth of Raw food delivery service RAWvolution; In Colorado try the Sunny Raw Blog (email Melissa at gilbertd921(at)comcast(dot)net)
  • salad spinner
  • a month's worth of Door to Door Organics
  • Ebooks by Melissa Gilbert, Kristen Suzanne, The Best Of The Sunny Raw Kitchen
  • gift basket of superfoods (raw cacao nibs, goji berries, yacon slices, etc.)
  • A Gift Certificate to One Lucky Duck
  • David Wolfe on Weight Loss and Peak Performance
  • wheatgrass juicer
  • Vitamix Blender
  • Living Tree Good-for-You Chocolate Pack
  • ceramic knife
  • A membership to Juicefeasting.com or The Raw Divas
  • Raw for Life DVD
  • a herb garden
  • Handheld Citrus Juicer
  • Dr. Ann Wigmore's living foods two-week certification program
  • Pamela's Raw Organic Candy
  • sprouting tray
  • Wellness Shower Filter
  • good cutting board
  • Ruth's Power Bars

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The Daily Raw Blog's Gift Guide + Vegan