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Recipe #13 of the Complete Book of Raw Food Endeavor
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Cucumber Number by Shazzie, p. 143

Yesterday, the Man on the Raw and I went to hot yoga. I was a bit worried practicing in the heat and not eating solids for the past 21 days, but I managed just fine. The heat felt like heaven during these cold winter nights in Colorado.

What can I say about Cucumber Number? Let me start with it being very refreshing, crisp and cool. Cool like a cucumber. With cucumbers being about 95% water, Cucumber Number was the perfect drink to have after a hot yoga class. I could feel this drink re-hydrating my cells with each sip.

Cucumbers are our friends, we should have at least one a day, I am juicing three a day during this feast. I did make a slight modification, instead of the suggested lemon peel, I just peeled the lemon and threw the whole thing in the juicer.

All three ingredients worked in harmony with each other, the cucumber, lemon and apples.
Uh yes, apples. Any juice that uses apples as its ingredients has my vote. Truth be told, when it comes to eating apples, I am picky.

If there is one soft spot, bruise, any sort of imperfection, I won’t put it to my lips. They can be sweet or tart, but when it comes to the texture, it better be hard and firm.

Now, when it comes to juicing apples all are fair game. The bruises are the sweetest part anyway, right? The sugar from the apples will give me the extra energy to make my next recipe…Rose Lee Calabro’s Falafel. That experience is coming up on Monday.

I have come to the place where it is time dust off the Excalibur. I, personally, haven’t used my dehydrator in over two years, maybe three. I had forgotten how to turn it on and to what setting it should be at.

I remember when we first got it, the Man on the Raw and I were raw for about four months before we got it. I think we had thick flax crackers, thin fruit leather and somewhere in between sun burgers every day for a month. That dehydrator didn’t get any rest. Oh, by-the-way, soak a cup of flax seeds (golden or brown makes no difference) in a large bowl with a cup-and- a-half of purified water for about five hours. Jameth and Kim’s Original Flax crackers are coming up next week also.

So if you are creating recipes with me, break out your Excalibur, it’s time to start dehydrating.

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Recipe #13 of the Complete Book of Raw Food Endeavor + the Complete Book of Raw Food Endeavor