Raw Food Recipes + Vita Mix

Angelique asks

"….Do you think you'll be starting at the beginning of the book and working through every page, or jumping around it?”

Thank you Angelique for your comment and feel free to call me Hopalong Cassidy because I am jumping all over the place…sort of.

The best course of action methinks would be to start with what I feel are the easiest recipes. The criteria is those using minimal ingredients, equipment and time. Start off loosey goosey, you know?

The complex recipes will come to pass, just not right out the gate. Some recipes build upon each other, for example Rejuvelac is made before a nut cheese. And let’s not forget the fun part of creating raw foods (wink, wink) the soaking and sprouting and dehydrating. I will tell you now, those recipes are not happening anytime soon.

I will try to let you know what’s coming up ahead of time so you can follow along and prepare the recipes yourself.

Starting with the Rejuvelac on page 9 and traveling onward my count was 375 recipes, (if you count something different, please share.) So if my calculations don’t fail me, that’s about 7-8 recipes per week to make a finish within the next year.

THE DOWNSIDE: because of copyrighting laws I won’t be able to print most of the recipes, so if you don’t have the book you might be out of luck.

ON THE UPSIDE: I will provide lots of photos. Yeah!

Let’s begin.

On next week’s menu (in no posting particular order):

1. Ants on a Log by Karie Clingo (p. 110)
2. Broccoli, Kale and Celery Juice by Vita Mix (p. 139)
3. Avocado Burritos by David Wolfe (p. 208)
4. Green Lemonade by John Larsen (p. 147)
5. Ranch Dip or Dressing by Elaina Love (p. 276)
6. Fast Avocado Salad by Stephen Arlin (p. 61)
7. Raw Candy by David Wolfe (p. 295)

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