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Everything I At Raw — Day 4
Everything I Ate Raw, My Year of Living Foods

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10:10 am Choco-Nana (Almond milk, cocoa, bananas and dates) and power bar sample from the Living Light Cafe

11:40 a.m. salad (mixed greens, romaine, cabbage, cucumber, sprouts, carrots, Dijon, nutritional yeast) at work

2:45 p.m. Green juice and dried mango piece at work

7 :15 p.m. Parsley salad with tomato, cucumber, avocado, hemp seeds at home

8:08 p.m. dehydrated or possibly cooked (???) unsweetened banana chips at home talking to my daughter Jordan on Skype

Okay here's a grey area. I might have eaten something cooked but not quite sure. I was munching away on my banana chips thinking they were dehydrated minding my own raw business when Man on the Raw (without missing a beat) said "Those aren't raw. They fry them. What the f***?!?

Are you telling me I just ate something that not only is NOT raw but it's fried??? Great, just great. So now do I feel like a failure because I wasn't techniqually 100% raw or do I just say whatever,

Well, if you know me (and I think you might know a bit), I say "whatever", I'm not going to stress. To me, My Year of Living Raw continues untarnished.

At the Water Cooler
What's your favorite activity to do while you eat dehydrated/fried unsweetened banana chips?

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Everything I At Raw — Day 4 + Vegan