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Letter to Shazzie

Recipe #16,

RAW FOOD (photos)

Whip the Mister by Shazzie, p. 327

Dear Shazzie,

My son, Bishop, loved your delicious banana ice cream. And I appreciated the fact that it was super easy to prepare; just throw frozen bananas into a food processor to create a creamy dream of a dessert. Also, thank you for the pointer about topping the sweet treat with nuts, carob powder or soft fruit. I choose chopped walnuts. I do wish you would have given me fair warning about the importance of eating this dish immediately, it was a soggy mess after 15 minutes or so out of the freezer. I just have one tiny, itty, bitty question. What does “Whip the Mister” mean?



RAW FOOD (photos)
RAW FOOD (photos)

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Letter to Shazzie + the Complete Book of Raw Food Endeavor