Raw Food Recipes + Vita Mix

Lunch at the Daily Raw Blog — a pictorial

On the MenuRecipes #48-#55 of the Complete Book of Raw Food EndeavorAvo Soup, Stephen Arlin, p. 92Chili Rellenos, Robert Yarosh and Lisa Sota, p. 210Soft Tacos, Matt Amsden, p. 213Tomatillo Salsa, Vita-Mix, p. 279Pepper-Corn Boats, David Klein, p. 126Pico de Gallo, Shazzie, p. 254-255Coconut Flan with Orange Glaze, Matt Samuelson, p. 329 (I didn’t get a chance to make the glaze, used orange zest instead; kids didn’t mind)
Almond Orange Cookies adapted from Valya's Almond Orange Cookies, Valya Boutenko, p. 288Corn and Chia Chips, The Daily Raw Café (adapted from Jonathan Weber’s Corn off the Cob Crackers, p. 167-68 — recipe to follow)Spicy Mexican Salad from the book “Becoming Raw” Chili-Lime Jicama Sticks, The Daily Raw Café (recipe to follow)

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Lunch at the Daily Raw Blog — a pictorial + Vita Mix